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Asia, Australia, NZ
Asia, Australia, NZ (16)

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Henri Bonet, World Council On Isotopes: Many people believe that our work in the nuclear field is not ethical, relaying Greenpeace and other Environmentalist’s accusations. What to respond? Thriving in Radiation: Many ethical issues are related to both protection against radiation and exploitation of radiation as a means for improving quality of human life. Nuclear techniques are used in a significant number of applications outside nuclear energy production. Examples include not only the medical sector, but also agriculture and food processing, modern industry including materials development, environmental protection, space exploration, arts & science, public security… All together, these various sectors economically dwarf that of energy production.

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Kihohiko Sakamoto: According to Jerry Cuttler, nuclear scientist in Canada, this report by Kiyohiko Sakamoto, M.D. and Ph.D. in science is one of the most important articles on the benefits of low dose radiation treatment for cancer and other diseases.

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T.C. Stieglitz et al. - Radioisotopes are efficient tracers of coastal processes on various spatial and temporal scales. The isotopes of radon and radium are particularly useful tools to understand hydrological land-ocean interaction.

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Assessing non-reactor based isotope production through examining Canada’s recent decision to shift towards particle accelerator generation of its major medical radioisotopes and similar initiatives around the world, including Belgium and Germany;

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Forum for Nuclear Cooperation in Asia, FNCA, provides a report about isotope production and applications in the following countries:

Australia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Kazaksthan, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, The Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam

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Objectives of YNSS

Convince the Politicians/ Policy makers on the benefits of Nuclear Power

Presentations/ Videos/ Q & A Sessions on “Peaceful Applications of Nuclear Technology & Electricity Generation using Nuclear Power”

Includes excellent photos of activities.

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Shyh-Jen Wang, Gann Ting - Therapeutic nuclear medicine has grown rapidly as a treatment modality in oncology in last decade. A variety of specific tumor-seeking radiopharmaceuticals have been commercialized for radiotherapy.

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Japan's contributes 11.4% of publications in nuclear medicine worldwide, by one survey. It wants to do more.

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ANSTO - Nuclear-based science benefiting all Australians. The construction of Australia’s new world-class research reactor, OPAL, heralds the nation’s determination to maintain its position at the frontiers of international science. OPAL will become the centre-piece of the facilities we offer at ANSTO, where we apply our nuclear expertise to support health, environmental, industrial and national security objectives.

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