Today: 22.Oct.2017

EFN started growing in 1996 around Bruno Comby (author of 8 books on healthy living, and environmentalism) after the publication of his book "Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy" and his participation in numerous TV and radio debates.

It promotes nuclear energy for a better and cleaner planet in a calm and rational manner.

It considers that environmental opposition to nuclear energy is the greatest misunderstanding and mistake of the century.

If well managed, nuclear energy is a very clean energy, does not produce polluting gases in the atmosphere, uses very few construction materials (per kWh) compared to solar & wind energy, produces very little waste (almost totally confined).

True environmentalists should therefore be in favor of nuclear energy. EFN works at informing the public of the environmental benefits of nuclear energy, the cleanest energy resource massively available.

Published in Europe and Russia

John Shanahan - Dr. Robert Stencel, Physics Professor at the University of Denver invited me to give a talk to his non-science students about NUCLEAR POWER and the related topics of RADIOISOTOPES and RADIATION. These are the topics that Go Nuclear, Inc. focuses on for public education. Information is presented from earlier presentations by outstanding scientists and engineers, who specialize in each area. At the beginning of the semester, many of the students were skeptical. Professor Stencel had them study two books and an MIT report before my presentation. They formulated 23 pages of single spaced questions. Dr. Robert Stencel, Dr. Robert Amme and I are thinking about writing a book centered on these student questions, a primer for the general public. This presentation gained student advocates for nuclear power.

Published in Americas

Michel Lung et Bruno Comby - Les spécialistes estiment auourd'hui que, d'ici une cinquantaine d'années, la population mondiale passera de 6 à 8-10 milliards d'habitants, pour plafonner ou même décroître ensuite. En revanche, la demande d'énergie doublera et celle d'électricité triplera. A l'inverse, pétrole et gaz se raréfieront, deviendront plus chers, et seront l'enjeu de grandes tensions entre les nations.

Published in Europe and Russia

Bruno Comby et Michel Lung - L’énergie nucléaire, bien construite et exploitée, n’est pas le loup-garou que certains se plaisent à nous dépeindre. Il s’agit de l’énergie la plus économique, la plus sûre et la plus propre pour produire l’électricité de base, ce qui n’exclue aucunement les énergies renouvelables dont le développement est nécessaire mais le potentiel limité, le coût élevé et la disponibilité inconstante.

Published in Europe and Russia

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