Today: 24.Mar.2017
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Dax Contreras, digital Director, Editor and contributor for The New Mexico Politico. Safe, reliable, and affordable power is a crucial part of a strong and growing economy. The dependability and general affordability of electricity here in U.S. is a significant component of our historically robust economy. But recently, a vocal and active few here in New Mexico are part of a coordinated, nationwide effort to severely restrict our ability to produce economical and reliable power.

07.Mar.2017 Written by

Amelia Frahm holds a Public Relations degree from the University of Florida. She started her professional career in corporate communications and education at a Nuclear Power Plant Visitor-Information Center. As a young mom, she was diagnosed and survived cancer, that experience inspired her to become a writer. She’s the author of two award-winning children’s picture books, and one of them is about Nuclear Power Plants. This is the story of her experience dealing with uncompromising anti-nuclear zealots attacking her and her children's books. We are very fortunate to have Amelia on our 2017 International Board of Advisors: 62 professionals in nuclear energy and nuclear medicine and college students in related fields from 27 countries.

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Fritz Vahrenholt, PhD Chemistry: Is the program in Germany to stop using nuclear power and switch to wind and solar energy more important than nature itself? BaZ: Sie haben die deutsche Energiewende als «Desaster» bezeichnet. Wieso? Fritz Vahrenholt: Zunächst einmal hat die deutsche Regierung nach dem Tsunami in Japan innerhalb eines Wochenendes entschieden, auf die Kernenergie zu verzichten, die bis dahin die Grundlast für die deutsche Industrie erzeugt hat. Die Regierung will seither diese gesicherte Energie durch schwankenden Strom aus Sonne und Wind ersetzen. Dass das nicht vernünftig ist, weiss eigentlich jeder.

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James Kennedy, Political Economics and Public Policy, President at ThREE Consulting & ThREEM3: How Wall Street Darling Molycorp Undermined the U.S. Economy, Degraded our National Security and Distorted the Global Economic Balance and How These Falsehoods Continue to be Promoted Even Today.

18.Feb.2017 Written by

Michael Shellenberger, Founder & President of Environmental Progress, website: The looming insolvency of Toshiba has set off a chain reaction of events that threatens the existence of nuclear power in the West. The Japanese and French governments will be compelled to act for economic reasons — their nuclear industries are too important to their economies to fail. The Japanese government has always played a strong role in shaping the direction of its industries, including nuclear, while the French nuclear industry is entirely government-controlled.

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