Today: 20.Nov.2017

Congressional Research Service, The Library of Congress: As part of the World War II effort to develop the atomic bomb, reprocessing technology was developed to chemically separate and recover fissionable plutonium from irradiated nuclear fuel. Federally sponsored breeder reactor development included research into advanced reprocessing technology. President Carter terminated federal support for reprocessing in an attempt to limit the proliferation of nuclear weapons material. The Department of Energy now proposes a new generation of ‚Äúproliferation-resistant‚ÄĚ reactor and reprocessing technology.

Published in Americas On August 17, 2016, Unit 4 of the Beloyarsk nuclear power plant with BN-800 fast neutron reactor, which should become the most powerful prototype of the commercial reactors of this type, started operating at 100% power for the first time. Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton took steps to stop fast breeder nuclear power with essential spent fuel reprocessing, Gen IV, in the United States. Fast breeder nuclear power has been stopped in France, the UK and Japan for reasons similar to those in the United States. Russia and China are pressing ahead with Gen III+ and Gen IV nuclear power plants in their countries and preparing to sell them to the world outside of North America and Europe. Who will be the winners and losers? Certainly not the anti-nuclear organizations, nor governments who tolerate them.

Published in Europe and Russia

Gary Young, mechanical engineer, major product development manager - Before retirement, he worked on product development that significantly contributed to profitability of a global technology company. In this series of articles titled "A Galactic Visitor's Essay," he uses a fictional galactic visitor to let his outstanding technical knowledge and practical experience describe important new ways to use existing nuclear power technologies that can solve many problems existing today in nuclear power and energy needs in general. It is meant to be fun reading for the informed general public, students, and government leadership.

Published in Americas

Book Brief: Alan Waltar, "AMERICA THE POWERLESS." This is an excellent book that is still in print. We encourage people everywhere to read it. There are four cases for nuclear power today:

1) countries going ahead with plentiful new nuclear power plants

2) countries operating nuclear power plants but not adding many more

3) countries getting out of nuclear power

4) countries that don't have nuclear power yet

Reading this book is important to people everywhere.

Published in Americas
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